Thursday, 4 October 2007

More slaughter

This time IP8 - 95 cattle, 16 sheep and 1 goat - and four more herds killed too.

IP8 had 95 cattle, 16 sheep and 1 goat. We learned that FMD was detected in four animals (although now it looks as though it was only one) but the lesions were considered to be only 2 days old. There were no signs of old antibodies or active virus in the corpses of the others nor in those premises killed as so-called "dangerous contacts".

UPDATE: From the OIE "Holding comprising four premises - only one animal at one premises was affected according to preliminary laboratory results, animals at all four premises were stamped out for disease control purposes." i.e., 135 cows and 16 sheep. The goat is not mentioned by Dr Reynolds.

Knowledge that the lesions tested in IP8 proved to be the result of fresh infection must raise very serious questions about spread.

In the continuing absence of ring vaccination we can gloomily forecast further panicky killing without benefit of testing first.

All who have studied the question know that the technology to test accurately and rapidly on-site exists and works see here modern potent vaccines give solid protection after one injection for emergency vaccination (see here) No field work has EVER shown spread from vaccinated animals As for vaccine "masking disease" this fallacy needs to be urgently and publicly investigated - not reported in the press as fact. Animals are vaccinated in herds and from the outside inwards.

Even if vaccination came too late to prevent infection in the cases nearest the epicentre, there would be no subsequent spread. To hear ignorance among those directing the killing policy is heartbreaking in the extreme and one cannot but wonder what on earth is going on. Some have even suggested deliberate land clearance. The alternative seems to be dithering ignorance and incompetence on a tragic scale.

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